[PhoenixV]: 638.unwanted breaking

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2008-01-01 22:27:40
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no no this just can't be
why why is it happening to me
something i hold dearly to my heart
may just be ripped from my grasp
surely it will tear me apart

i look at my reflection in the blade
as i prepare to take my last gasp
a voice inside of my head speaks
it cries out to stay with me
the blade drops to the floor
leaving me shaking evermore
i pull my knees in
wrap my arms around them
i rest my head on my legs
and just cry blood of my soul

never will i succeed such a feat
a promise to myself and to you
i shake in the corner continuously
not believing what i was thinking
my body, so cold in this room
longing to have you in my arms
i'll wait as long as i have to
even when there's no one left

2008-01-02 bloody kisses: Beautiful again. You need to start writing them faster though =P***

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