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2008-04-21 22:37:56
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Here I go, once again.
The feelings inside
aren't like back then.
Starless night, another cry.
I don't know what to do.
Don't know what to make of you.
I'm tired of this...

Sadness overcomes me
I feel so neglected
It's like you do this purposely
Don't know what I expected
But it certainly wasn't this
It seems to be all amiss
I feel so hopeless.

Can you see how you make me feel?
The things that you do
That make me hurt inside
You don't even realize
What you do to me.
I just want to make it alive.

Can you see what you do to me?
The things that I put up with
The things that eat me alive
All the things I wish that were never done.
Please don't hurt me no more
Before I go right out that door
I just want to make it out alive.

[Can you see how I feel?]I just want to make it out alive.
[Can you see what you do?]I just want to make it out fine.
[Can't you feel my sadness?] I just want to be okay.
[Can't you feel something's wrong?] I just want everything to be right.
Ohwohwoh. It's what you do to me. [to me.]
I'm just not sure how much more I can take.
It seems I've taken more than enough
But I want you to know, That I still care
But the feelings, Just aren't there.
Not like they used to be.
Not like...they...used to be...

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