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Pale Child
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Pale Child

Act opposite what you proclaim.
Closer to God? 'Fraid not.
Speaking profanities.
Hating thy neighbor.
Insulting persons.
Today it begins.
Biting you back.
Inane adolescent.
Never learn.
Hate breeds corruption.
Love instills kindness.
Simple-minded fool.
Intelligence without wisdom,
means nothing.
Pray for wisdom.
Ye shall receive.
Hypocrite myself I am.
Writing this.
Yet I never claimed
Trying to get closer to God.
Am I really hypocritical?
Once agnostic.
Am I still?
Who knows?
No one but me.
So hypocrite I'm not.
You can't win.
Stop struggling.
I'm already inside you.
Underneath your skin.
Let go of your hate.
Be free and happy.
Unnerved by my presence.
Let me hinder you not.
Insolent child,
Off your high horse.
Speak not contempt.
Think not contempt.
Simmering anger
beneath your pale skin.
You at fault for this.
For these circumstances.
You've brought them upon yourself.
You need not anger,
nor need you be insolent.
Be not disdainful or haughty.
Lose your pride.
It is all for not.

2007-05-21 bloody kisses: Wow. Seems uhm...quite chock full of dandy-full emotions...*coughcough*

But I do like it ^.^ As well as most your other poetry...*sigh*

2010-11-18 Annie: The punctuation at the end of each line creates an interesting visual poetry in itself.
Love the juxtaposition in the lines "I'm already inside you./Underneath your skin./Let go of your hate./Be free and happy." Something that has a bad connotation - "I'm inside you, underneath your skin" - is turned around into something good - "Be free and happy." Yet it still has an almost sinister undertone in the remaining lines where the voice turns more and more Biblical and gives commandment-like advice. Nice!
You might try breaking down the unspoken boundary at the end of each line in future poems and see what fluidity you can gain from it.

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