[Eleanor]: 668.Poetry.The Stars are Falling

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2007-05-12 17:24:57
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          The Stars are Falling


gently, oh so gently

dropping from a sky so black
where no stars twinkle
like diamonds on black velvet,
no pewter plate rests on an ebony table,
only snow

glittering flakes—six points each—
in the light of the street lamp
where I stand,
head bare,
as they land in my hair,
on my lashes,
melt on my cheeks and on my lips
as I gaze skywards,
watching the stars leave their home,
depart from the depths of blackest space,
          at my feet,


2007-05-12 Jenna Rose: I love the imagery here. And the way you lay out the poem. Nice work.

2007-05-12 Eleanor: Thanks. It took a fair bit of tweaking to get it to look just right.

2008-04-11 Kiddalee: Heh... Yes, figuring out the site's rendering of spaces is a challenge, isn't it?

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