[United Savage Abominations]: 707.Eternal Battle (Chatper 1)

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2007-10-25 07:49:46
Jordan was born in Westspring Massachusetts. He was always considered special, but if only they knew the truth of how special he was, they would be in lack of words. When he was sixteen he and his family went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. They went into a back alley where a man was practicing voodoo, the man took one look at Jordan and "Saw into his soul." The man started to scramble yelling out "DEMON!" Jordan and his family walked on the other side of the alley from him, eyeballing him curiously. Jordan is now the age of 19, him and a couple of his friends Chris and Colton moved to the beautiful city of New Orleans as their now permenate home.

"Colton toss me a beer." Chris said as he kicked back on the couch playing Halo 3.
"Get off your ass and get it yourself." Colton was too busy playing World of Warcraft.
"Too bad Jordan isn't here, I'm sure he'd do it for me."
"Once again using people to get your own objectives done."

Several hours later Jordan came home from work at Bonvillan's music, and like usual, Colton was on W.O.W. and Chris was asleep. He looked over at Colton and smiled whispering, "Let's give him a wake up call." Colton nodded smiling using his Hearthstone to warp back to Auberdine. He sat his character down as they slowly crept into the band room, which was right next to Chris' room. Jordan sat down at the drums, Colton picked up his guitar flicking on his amp and turned it up all the way on the amp and on the guitar. They both nodded playing something completely off the wall, that sounded extremely bad but did the task. Chris came scrambling out of the room in a panic to see what was going on. He looked at the two culprits, "You guys suck." Chris screamed over the noise.

They walked out and sat into the living room, Jordan smiled while talking to Chris, "Dude, you should have seen the look on your face." Jordan paused imitating Chris' horror stricken look on his face in a humorous manner and started laughing. Chris blankly replied due to lack of sleep, "Screw you man." He had never been the type to want to stay awake even though he had severe A.D.H.D.

They sat boredly on the couch watching a movie they had seen time and time again. Jordan asked, "Do you guys want to go to Bourbon Street? Better than sitting here and watching this crap." Colton wanted to go but Chris was too into the movie. Jordan looked at Chris and said, "Dude, that things going to rot what little brain you have left." Chris just sat there keeping his eyes glued to the T.V. Colton shook his head and made the remark, "Ok we'll be going, no women for Chris tonight." That didn't even capture his attention. Jordan looked at Colton with a shocked look on his face, Chris would usually jump at the offer to try even though he rarely brought any in without help from Jordan or Colton. Jordan turned his head while saying, "Alright, watch the house. Don't know when we'll be back." Chris looked away from the screen, "Huh?" Jordan threw his hands up in the air and Colton just hung his head shaking it. Jordan frustratedly replied, "Nevermind, Chris, We'll be back in a couple of hours." Chris nodded and went back to staring at the screen.

Jordan and Colton walked out to Jordan's Camaro. Colton considered it beautiful, metallic black paint, twin turbo engine, quad exhaust, Scorpion body kit, Reaper wing, a skull on the hood with blue and white lightning bolts spanning their reach to the back tires, but best of all, it was a hatchback. The inside is what really got him though, black shag carpet, matching seats with skulls on the head rests, red steering wheel, black lights spanning along the length of the ceiling, the stereo setup in the back had two 10x9's and several 15's with neon lights that went with the music.

Colton still wanted to know how he got this with the small budget they had, but Jordan told him before that if he told him, he'd have to kill him. Jordan asked, "Ready?" Colton smiled and nodded. They both opened their doors and plopped down into the seats. Jordan put the key in the ignition and turned it, his baby immediately fired up. They pulled out of the driveway blaring Benzin by Rammstein. They were on their way to party.

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