[United Savage Abominations]: 707.Hallows Eve

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2007-10-30 02:11:28
Contest Entry
It's hallows eve, the moon is full, the preparations made,
The candles on each point of the pentagram and the sacrificial blade,
She strides into town, her veil flapping around,
She captured a little boy without a sound,
A young witch completely naked does not need a spell,
That poor boy... his soul was sent straight to hell,
He's unconscious, she carves the spell into his flesh,
Until that poor boy's skin looked like mesh,
The preparations complete, she begins the ritual,
She slits his throat, his blood spilling into a pool as he turns pale,
It's hallows eve, the moon is full, the ritual is complete,
And now no one is left to trick-or-treat.

2007-10-28 elfflower1989: Ah...I don't know why, but this left me feeling uncomfortable. I guess I don't like how easily i could see the little boy being killed :P Which would be a good thing, if were reacting to it differently. It's good that you have such effective imagery. But yes, it is creepy. Perfect for Halloween

2007-10-28 United Savage Abominations: Lol thanks flower.

2007-10-30 Ash: "A young which" line five. The spelling you need is witch. Rather gory and rather good.

2007-10-30 United Savage Abominations: Lol thanks Valient, lol screw typos ><.

2007-10-31 Eloura: As i said before i love's it Sean.

2007-10-31 United Savage Abominations: Thanks Jess.

2007-11-01 Eloura: Your welcome hun but it's the truth!

2008-03-24 Jenna Rose: Wow. Very... hmm. As Valient said, gory. And great!

2008-04-30 RiddleRose: mm, i like this one. i almost think that the rhyme takes away from the harshness of it though... 

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