[United Savage Abominations]: 707.Freedom

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2007-10-25 04:03:09
John woke up in a dark room; his head was pounding. He attempted to get up the leather rubbing against the chair gave him a clue that he was bound to it. The door opened, creaking loudly. The light was turned on and a large man stood in front of him. The man was wearing a white apron stained with the blood of humans he had killed. "Oh you're finally awake huh?" The large man said smiling. John returned the smile with a large drop of spit he had in his mouth.

The large man wiped it off, "Why do all of you have to be so feisty?" The man walked behind John grabbing a machete and sliced off John's feet one at a time. John let out a scream of pain a tear coming out of his eye. Adam walks out of the room with his trophy leaving the machete behind John. He tipped the chair over grabbing the machete with one hand attempting to cut his hands free. He begins cutting but has to cut into his flesh to be free.

John eventually works himself free, crawling out of the room Adam walks over to him, but as soon as John feels a hand on him he cuts the feet off of his attacker. "An eye for an eye." John raises the machete coming down decapitating him. The front door was open! John crawled frantically over to it and out onto the dirt road.

Flashing lights were whirling around him. The cop that was driving saw him, "SHIT!" The cop stomps on the breaks but doesn't stop short enough running John over and killing him.


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