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He was a great wizard indeed... VERY indeed.
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There once was a great wizard.

What? You want more? Typical audience these days. Never satisfied with simple facts, need to know everything behind them. So, since you're a bunch of ungrateful dogs, here's your story.

So, as I was saying. There once was a great wizard. His name was something amazing, something like: "Frogath The Flame" or "Jukrath the Blask Slayer" or something like that. But, for the sake of not wanting to saying names that long all the time, we're going to call him Mark.
One day, Mark was out walking in... in... in a big field. One that grew grass, you know. Not like those panzy fields that grow things like trees, or hills, or panzies. No, this was a real field. One with character, and class, and lots and lots of grass for as far as the eye could see, and then about 20 yards more than that. But then it kind of faded off into a forest. This story has nothing to do with the forest though, so you might as well just forget it's even there. So, anyways, as he was walking through this field he happened to encounter a monster. A big monster. A monster bigger than anything he'd even seen before. Which is pretty large considering all the things that Mark had seen in his life. Considering his options (which largely consisted of: Run, Fight, Die, or try to play Poker with it), Mark decided it would be best to rid the world of the creature once and for all.
The battle began.
It was an intense battle, one of extreme magics and attacks that missed more often than they hit. It was so amazing, it actually distorted reality, causing the world to seem like it was in a state of horrible animation. Angels would've sang if they had only known some wicked awesome battle themes. But, alas, they did not. After a short while, Mark decided it was best to end it all. He blasted the beast with an immensely powerful spell that hurled it into another dimension.
Having, once again, saved the world from a great horror, Mark went to get Ice cream.


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