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Tyr Zalo Hawk  Writings  (New work, also engaged; who knew?)

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Name: Tyr


Ya, I scalped a banana. Like you could do it.

I've had 1 piece featured on the Featured Writings.

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Member Type: Writer

Do you like elephants, or sheep?

I kinda like elephants. They're pretty cool.
Except that they're not wooly mammoths. Mammoths rock.

I like to consider myself a wooly mammoth amongst the sheep of the world.

Don't get it? Then perhaps this page isn't for you.

I'm a writer, proud and true.

I write and can't stop myself from doing so.
I read and get pulled into the book so much I forget it's not "real".
I create worlds and people, putting them through different scenarios in my head for fun.
I enjoy reading dictionaries and thesauri.
I make up my own words when 'real' words don't fit just the way I want them.
I became a Grammar Nazi in order to rid the world of illiteracy, not the illiterates.
I carry a really big notebook, because I have big dreams and ideas.
I roleplay as often as I can, because it makes me feel complete.
I like wooly mammoths.

I'm a lot more than just a writer though.

A Gamer
A Dreamer
A Debator
A Philosopher

An Eccentric
An Eclectic
An Empath
An Enigma

A Stick-Figure Artist
A Hopeless Romantic
A Dedicated Friend
An Anime Addict

An Actor
An Explorer
An Inquirer
An Orator

A Comedian
A Critic
A Musician
A Therapist

And so very much more.
Most importantly though, and before anything else...

I'm very, very happily taken.

Still along for the ride?
If not, I'd leave fast. We're rapidly running out of cliff.

Life in November? It's called NaNo.

Q. What's this?
A. A Q&A with the Author.
Q. A Q&A with the author?!
A. Yeah, that's what I said. What are you, blind?
For your viewing and informational pleasure (and for lack of anything better to do), we now offer you this Q&A with Tyr Hawkaluk as Q, and Tyr Hawkaluk as A.

Q. So, Tyr. I can call you Tyr, right?
A. No.
Q. So, what do I call you?
A. I prefer something with a little bit more class and style. You can call me Tyr.
Q. Tyr? Are you serious?
A. Do I look like I'm Kidding?
Q. Oh, I get that one! That's a reference to your up-and-coming novella about Ghitta Job and all of his wacky adventures, isn't it?
A. Yes, yes it is.
Q. Awesome. I love that book, or, at least what you have of it so far. Tell me, do you ever plan on finishing it?
A. No. I don't plan on doing anything. Ever. It cramps my style.
Q. Ummm... but aren't you participating in NaNoWriMo right now?
A. Who told you that? Who are you working for?!
Q. Hey! I'm Q here, remember?
A. Oh, right. I-I'm very sorry about that. I lost my place. Please, do continue.
Q. And I shall. So, Tyr, do you have any advice for the young novelists or poets of the day? I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.
A. Yeah. I've got a piece of advice for them. Foo-baa.
Q. Oh your god! You did not just say that! Did you?
A. I did.
Q. Holy Zombie Jesus, folks! Not only has he already shamelessly plugged for his own novella, but now he's referencing a type of matter - which is made of 95% pure Awesometanium - that he himself fabricated years ago! Can you believe this guy?
A. No. I can't believe anything. My soul is broken!
Q. I wasn't asking you anything that time. I was asking the audience. Did it sound like I was talking to you?
A. Well, I'm kind of the only other one here. I guess I just assumed you were talking to me.
Q. If that's the case, then why would I say folks instead of Tyr?
A. You got me. I'm just here to A all of the Q's.
Q. Right...
A. That wasn't a question.
Q. This interview is over!
A. Neither was that.

This portion of the page is undergoing extreme constructive criticism.
It shall return when it has taken some things into consideration...
Changed what needs changing...
And ignored the rest.
Please try again on the next manuscript.

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