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Magical Realism/Paranormal
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Nyuu Angel
Death, destruction, chaos, it’s these things demonic creatures love to cause, but there are a few who thrive on them. Rules say only demons and devils thrive on those three things, but nearly every three hundred years an angel breaks this rule. None were as powerful or as great as Nyuu, the first demonic angel. Of course before she became an angel, she had to die and her job was a demon hunter, and she sometimes hunted vampires and the undead too. The last vampire she fought while alive was more than a match for her, and she was killed because the vampire couldn’t turn her into his kind. This vampire’s name was Mikey or Steven as most of the world knew him since that was the name he was called before he turned. Steven’s quick rise among the vampire ranks attracted many slayers but only Nyuu actually wounded him greatly. He spent two days recovering from his battle with her, and among vampires two days is like forty-eight years. 
 When Nyuu died and became an angel, she was an outcast because she didn’t like helping people with their deaths or survival. She received no help when she died and maybe this was the reason she became an angel instead of a demon. Anyways after two weeks of being a hindrance to humans, she caught the attention of the archangels when she killed a man dying from starvation and dehydration. They were furious with her for killing him and not trying to help him. When they attempted to capture and imprison her, she destroyed six of the archangels and escaped to earth. In two weeks, she turned from a being loved by humans, to a being most humans wanted to destroy.
  Weary of her fight with the other angels she found a cave that went deep into a mountain. While resting she suddenly felt an aura tugging her into a hidden tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was an enormous room, with many treasures within. She felt the aura tug hard and she ran towards the source like a dog when her master calls. The source of the tug was a demonic blade with angelic and elfin symbols. Under the blade was an unusual handgun, it was longer and had no place to put bullets in. Fascinated as she was by the handgun, her attention was forced on the blade by the strong aura. At the exact moment she had firm grip on the blade the ground around her collapsed. The aura seemed to have paralyzed her and she couldn’t fly up. At the bottom there was a huge frozen lake with a penguin in the center of the lake. Although rarely surprised, Nyuu stared at the penguin for a long time. The penguin started walking towards her and started to change. Nyuu was so surprised that she didn’t move at all and just watched as the penguin changed into a young woman. The young woman had no clothes but when she passed her hands over her body a purple tank top and black pants appeared to cover her body. That’s when Nyuu heard a voice inside her head hello Nyuu , I have been waiting for you a very long time. Upon hearing the voice she suddenly was no longer paralyzed and brought up the blade that refused to be released. “W-who and w-what are y-you?” Nyuu’s voice for the first time in her existence showed fear. You do not have to be afraid mistress, I am your servant in a way. As to my name, you my call me Steph, and I am an angel, of sorts, just not an angel of humans. We must be going, the seraphs will be here soon and it would be unfortunate if you were to be found in a seraph sanctuary wielding a demonic blade and other demonic weapons. The fact that you killed six archangels will not help you in any case. Come mistress I know many secret exits that the seraphs have yet to find. Nyuu did not know whether to follow or not but decided to follow the girl because she had no other choice.

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