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Chapter One
The Surprise of a lifetime

Angels, once the saviors of men, have begun to kill all that they encounter whether they are humans, animals, or the living dead vampires. Face with this onslaught the vampire nation and the human mortals have created an alliance to destroy the angels and rid each other of this threat. They have called this alliance the “Wrath of life” which the Seraphs consider to be an unholy alliance of evil heretics. Unknown to the Seraphs and the wrath of life, another alliance is about to take place between the outcast of the Vampire nation and the angel that the Seraphs have labeled simply as “The Heretic”.
“Steph, I thought you told me that there was one who would be powerful enough to help me in our search”
'Do not worry Mistress the one were here to meet is indeed powerful. He was once the Commander of the Vampire Nation before a near defeat to a mortal woman caused the Empress to declare him unfit to be part of the Vampire Nation.'
The young woman sighs and continues to look around in hope of finding this vampire. 'There he is Mistress, the one looking out the window on eastern portion of the bar.' At the same time the young women sees him, he sees her. Both of their eyes go wide in surprise and then quickly into hatred as both think the same thought ‘that’s the one who ruined my life’ and before either could move to attack each other, they are binded by some unseen force. All of a sudden time seemed to stop and both were released from the spell. “Welcome, the fallen angel Nyuu and the former commander of the Vampire Nation, to a world that the Seraphs destroyed to increase their own power. Both of you may have a problem with me bringing each of you together, but it was necessary to bring together the two most powerful beings that are both from a nation of beings that have some sort of immortality. You must now set aside your hatred for each other and form an alliance to defeat the Seraph Avaritia, whom is the one behind the destruction of seven worlds for their spiritual energy, and is the reason that the angels are attacking the ones they swore to protect at any cost.”
Both Mike and Nyuu listened to the young girl as if surprised that she could talk. “What are you talking about little girl and who do you think you are commanding me to meet you at that bar as if you were a emissary of the Empress. I absolutely refuse to join forces with the likes her, and will kill you where you stand if you do not take me back to earth immediately” exclaimed Steven. “Do not speak as if you are more powerful than me pathetic half-breed or I will make sure you do not speak again in this life or the next. I am not one who is of your world; I am the Empress of this world and I am more powerful than all the seraphs on your world.” Mike is so surprised by the venom in her voice that he swallows his retort. “If you are more powerful than the seraphs then why do you not simply destroy them and rid of us all of their existence” Nyuu asked quietly, fearing that she would turn on her next.

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