[Mister Saint]: 79.Mature.My Cove

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2007-03-15 05:18:00

[Mature]: Not for folks under 16.

Listen to the surf, my love.
Listen to the ocean ramming
hard against the beach -
over, and over, and over,
pounding sugar whitened sand.
Do you see the moonlit cove
beyond the bend,
where crops of rock
obscure the sight of tourists
passing by?
Keep your eyes upon the surf,
my love.
Watch the ocean slide between the lips
of moistened, sparkling sand -
pumping in, and pumping out.

Lay your back against me love,
and let my hands adore you - 
vanilla smooth against my skin.
A flower-print bikini
graced by you, is such a treasure.
Swollen, firmly filled -
here, and here, and here.

Listen to the cooing winds
that tickle every inch of you.
Watch the waves, my love,
and leave your lust to me.
Close your eyes and fantasize -
I am the sparkling sea,
my wandering hands the waves
that slide against your pale-soft beach.
Yes, my love, your voice
may be the evening breeze.
Let me hear your ecstasy.

Feel the ocean flow along your skin,
my love, and inch beneath
your berry red bikini.
You are my sparkling cove,
where no one else may go.

"Right, right there," you guide my hand,
beneath the flower print.
Your body quivers, writhes to feel
the ocean slip between its lips.
Slick with you, my love,
my oceans kiss your cove.

2007-03-14 Calliope: Wow o.O I love it ^.^

2007-03-14 Mister Saint: OOh, yay! I'm glad! *bounces happily*

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