[Mister Saint]: 79.Poetry.An Acrostic About A Hermit Crab

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2008-03-30 01:42:54
*A poem written for my advanced poetry writing workshop. The other class members have an incredibly irritating habit of ignoring titles and complaining that they don't know what a poem is about (re: 79.poetry.tank was one of them. It says TANK in the fricking title, but people told me they didn't know what it was about) and this poem is for them!

An Acrostic About a Hermit Crab

P incers of red or brown and white
L ay not quite still on the beach,
E dging left and right
A s their owner peeks about to search for shells and gulls.
S and parts to either side,
E yes, set on stalks in crab shell, blink in the light.

R ising further from the powdery dune, it's busy
E ating bits of something sandwichy
A nd dry, but tasty, left by humans.
D inner comes when dinner comes-- not to be ignored.

T asty thing devoured,
I t waves its wobbling crabeyes
T oward the sudden sparkle of departed houses
L ying by the foamy surf, sparkling mud and sand and shells
E ntwined, like trees and vines for monkeys,
S creaming "Real Estate!"

*After presenting the crab poem to [Nightshadow], who totally got it, I wrote this addendum for my esteemed classmates. It's also acrostic.

S omeone on the other line
U nderstood just what I meant to say,
C atching every meaning,
K issed with humor.

I t's not that hard
T o read a title, is it?

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