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*Written to imitate the style of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. ADULT CONTENT. Read at your own discretion.*

Ginsbergism 2008

Forty years passed and capitalized the letter
     C, C for Capitalism drowning in Arian
     poverty, C for Communism still
     dragging its Eastern ass and C for
     corruption waving its C for cock in our
     cocksucking faces,

In 2008 we are where I was in 1967, where in
     pot smoke and fire water we choked
     out what might have been brilliance,
     where in the deepest blackest liquid oil
     jungles we cracked our children's teeth
     on bullets bombs and blood,

In forty years we've drank and drunk the Cold
     War dry, we've sucked the creamy
     sludge from Ho Chi Minh and pissed
     our names in Iraqi sand with it but
     nothing's changed except our flower    
     children eat the pills from mommy's
     cupboard and blog instead of sing.

The word blog sounds like vomiting, the
     Internet gives Everyman a voice and he
     uses it to throw up impression in our
     laps, Everyman's a critic, he marks
     pages in his Bible with OMGWTFBBQ
     criticisms dreamed up in Sunday school
     and Saturday bars and third grade

He waves his inch and a half and swears it'll be
     twelve when you meet him in person,
     he could be the better president, he
     could feed the hungry with his mighty
     cock full of oil and balls full of beef,
     Everyman is god with a little G and a
     giant C, he is Plato, he is Kerouac, he
     knows better than you,

ask his cat.

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