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How oft I've dreamt of a world gone by,
of a time of a place where visions fly,
Of the land of a home in a time, no more,
Where the av'rice of man could not harm me.

Today I stand on a pre-ci-pice tall,
my eyes observe mankind's downfall,
The exodus that I have set to come
For the sin of the lie and the lie of the sin.

Sing a song of death with me
The symphony tuned, the melody sweet,
See the plague that unfolds below
And buries the streets with the dead

In days long past I did believe
of a world, just, beyond reprieve,
my eyes were sealed by an innocent's glaze,
and the truth of the land did not sting me

They pushed my heart to its last extent
Gave me pain, and grief, and a-go-ny,
To seek the truth that my Father held
While on earth a cage of flesh bound me

Sing a song of death with me
The solo to end all the life, beneath,
To my lips, the trumpet of endtimes goes
And the world, is torn, asun-der.

2008-06-21 Ash: May we use this in the E-zine?

2008-06-22 Mister Saint: It's not really my favorite, but you're quite welcome to.

2008-06-22 Ash: Thank you. Next month, why don't you submit your favorite poem then? All you have to do is leave me a link in a message.

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