[Mister Saint]: 79.Poetry.Reverend Moon

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For my creative writing class.

3. Write a poem that is an outburst of emotion.

"Reverend Moon"

Glitter brightly, nightly dew.
A full moon, pale in gossamer
threads the needle of the clouds.
Her light is yours, so glitter.
Oh moon, sitting at the crest
of the universe!
Where do you go when clouds
obscure your queenly lips?
When gray-black satin clothes
your face, and pin's-point stars
blink like cyclops eyes,
wherever do you hide?

Have you forgotten the dew?
Oh cruel moon, fleeing
from the eyes of men!
How are nightly grasses
to shine deprived of light?
What right have you, oh
selfish moon, to steal yourself

Entombed, the land entombed
has lost its light its eyes its life
without you!

Oh moon, oh soulless moon
who gives to take away
the sparkle in our eyes
and tinker with our sight
oh moon, oh murderous moon!
Shadows cast against themselves
all hell with every step could wait
to snare us all in blackness fall
to waste, to waste, to waste!
Oh moon a curse upon your wings
reveal yourself
reveal yourself
reveal and chase the night away!

Oh sun, where are you--
where is the day?

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