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2007-02-02 03:01:14

Again for creative writing... revision!

“Write a poem, about shoes, that makes the audience think of death without saying the word ‘death’. (I have chosen to write about the death of a person’s identity.)


Straps of fiber wire twist
Their cords around her flesh.
Soles of gritty brick transform
Her, spurn her, burn her ways.
Daggers thrusting earthward,
Shove her heels into the sky.

Her spirits crack,
But just this once.

Simple pert stilettos, who would think
their reed-thin forms, could
Take her,
Break her,
Make her
Forfeit virtue, seeking looks?
All in search of beauty, all
In quest for roving eyes.
Innocence, traded outright.
For lifted hips and thighs.

Her spirits spider-web to breaking,
Just this once.

The gathered mourn her passing
They despise who she's become.
Her clacking steps, so awkward,
Wailing ghosts of who she was, croon
Her funeral hymn, announce
Her entry to the fold.
Of lost who wander
Worthless, carbon copies,
Nameless curves.

Her spirits, straining, shatter.
Once is all it took.

2007-01-22 kumquat: Gosh.
That's amazing.
You write beautiful,
haunting poetry.

I quite admire you :]


2007-01-22 Mister Saint: Awwr... well thank you muchly. ^^

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