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2007-03-29 04:22:14
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Okay, I had a poem idea for the "Strong Woman Poetry Contest" on Elftown, but I missed it by a day. Here it is.

There once was a woman of long years past
whose passing gave notice to the strong scent of ass
It first came with camp, when she shared the bed bunk,
with a squad of campers, half women, half skunk

As she came of age, 'twas like old ripened cheese,
the reek of her feet made men weak in the knees.
Her figure was stunning, and slender, and tight,
while her breath was bealeagured by a foul smelling blight

She wore in her hair a white flowered band
that by day's end was the color of sand,
and never a stranger did she chance to meet,
whose nostrils weren't stunned by the air of de-feet

And never did I know a woman so strong,
and never did I know a smell so wrong,
as the camper girl who shared that bunk,
and acquired that eternal nose razing funk.

And yes, it is a joke poem.

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