[Po]: 80.Be Careful What You Wish For

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2006-02-12 13:28:25
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Silently she drew the box of ointment from her bosom and gave it to him. There was a spark like electricity when their fingers touched.

"Oh, I'm sorry! That happens a lot." He blabbered, jerking away from her protectively. "You're sure this stuff will work?"

She nodded, a small smile playing about her lips.

"Yes, it will definitely work."

Eagerly he slid the cover off the box. Unable to contain his excitation, he spread the thin jelly over his face. With a sigh of contentment, he set the box down. He didn't notice when he began to fade.

When nothing was left but watch, clothes and glasses, she drew his soul into the box and returned the box to it's home in her bosom. Unhurried, she turned and walked away.

"It will most decidedly work." She hummed.

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