[Po]: 80.Tales of Tenlotte: Arcana and Abstraction

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2005-06-01 09:09:06
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Tenlotte is a world in the far future, a world where magic and technology exist side-by-side. But things are far from harmonious on Tenlotte. Political unrest is rampant in the country of Erom, where the elf that works beside you today might be on the sales block in the slavemarket tomorrow. The ruling class consists of three races: human, volix and malix (a rare and highly regulated hybrid species of human and volix).

This is the story of Chela, a young malix. Hers is not a typical Tenlotten life.

I have tried to make things as self-explanatory as possible, but there are a few things that will need clarification. #1: Uni is the term used when referring to or speaking of a volix. #2: Bearer and Maker should be read as Mother and Father, respectively. #3: High Royal and High Consort are titles. The High Royal is kind of like the king (not necessarily a man, or even human), and the High Consort is the king's spouse. #4: Kruk and grap (along with any extrapolations) are bad words. Naughty bad words. Not to be repeated in good company kind of words.

I think the rest should speak for itself. Please enjoy.

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