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[Askoga]: 89.The Kiss

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2006-01-30 06:08:16
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2006-01-08 SleepingDragon: Very nice. I quite enjoyed it. Nice take on the kiss and I was impressed that you wrote from the vantage point of the opposite gender.

2006-01-08 Askoga: Oh, I'm glad you liked it! I was going for something out of the ordinary, and I love to play with languages. I'm rather pleased with how this one ended up.

2006-01-30 Aeolynn: I relly like this too! Her species reminds me of one of mine, where the females are even better predators then the males! Kudos!

2006-01-30 Askoga: -chuckles- All of her race are good hunters. But they're catlike, so better hunters than the Ivory People (what they call white humans)

2006-01-31 Talenya: My Dear, your story is quiet entrancing... I can't wait to see if there is more to this tale. ^_^

2006-01-31 Askoga: Nope, not unless I get a sudden startling inspiration, or decide that one of the other contests calls for these two characters again.

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