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2011-09-22 21:51:30
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ACTION WRITING You don't say!

With this, you'll need to pick a teammate. You and your teammate will begin a short story that is completely dialogue. One person posts, then the teammate posts, and you go back and forth until you think it's complete.

You'll do this on a separate wiki page and link it here. Write your dialogue in the actual wiki leaving the comment boxes open for us!

When people are finishing, let us know by posting "Dialogue complete" next to your wiki and we can go in and read. In the comment boxes of your wiki's the rest of us will start trying to discuss where your dialogue is taking place, who it's between, what's basically going on, etc.

(Anyone read Hills Like White Elephants? That's what gave me the idea.)

So, pick a partner and put the teams here:

Once partnered, the dialogue wikis go here:

Username (or number or email):


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