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How it Works: Extended Edition

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There are quite a few steps involved in setting up poetry duels. This is how it works. Note that the Arena mods are people, too, and sometimes make mistakes. We will try our best to correct them as they come up, but be patient with us.


The Process

Once a poem is submitted, it is first evaluated by the Arena mods. If it passes inspection, i.e. doesn't break any rules, it is then moved into the queue for its category where it will await its turn to duel. If it fails inspection, the poem will be removed from the submissions page and the poet will be notified of why.

Every Saturday the Arena will be updated. If there are at least two poems in a category a duel will be set up between them and the dueling poets will be informed. These duels appear on the category pages (such as Free Verse) and will appear in poem-only form, without the poet names. The winner will be decided by popular voting, which will last for one week.

Winning poems will remain at the top of their respective queues to await a challenger. Their defeated opponents will be removed from the queue. Both poets will receive notification of the results from the category mod, and the duel will be documented in The Entrants and The Victors.

If applicable, winning poets may receive a badge to display heralding as much. These will not be in effect until the Writersco point system is finalized, but rest assured that we'll keep track of your points. Until then winners may write their number of wins on their descriptions, if they so choose.

Once all this is done, the cycle repeats itself.


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2006-11-26 [mousepoet]: This is just a suggestion, and I'm not sure if this is the place to put it, but here it goes: I think there should be a stipulation as to how many votes there have to be for a duel to end. Something low of course, maybe three, but a duel that is decided by a single vote just doesn't seem, I'm not sure how to say it, satisfactory? Fair? Something like that. I hope I'm making sense. :)

2006-11-26 [Mister Saint]: Understandable! It's a good suggestion, but I think it can hold off until we know if that'll happen or not. If it does enough, we'll add it. If it doesn't, extra rules make people feel unwelcome and all. ^^

2006-11-28 [mousepoet]: Very true. Thanks!

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