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2005-07-19 12:25:40
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As you have probably noticed there are some members about WritersCo who have extra text colours in their houses. These extra colours are a means of saying thank you to those who have donated to WritersCo to help keep it running smoothly.

How can I donate?

On the mainstreet you will see a title 'Donate!' and a sentence link below. Click on that and you will be directed to the donation page.

Read the top bit carefully. You will notice 2 boxes, both of which will be filled in, the top will be the donation value, set by default to 10 Euro (12 dollars is the minimum amount required to gain the colour text attributes) The second box, will have a number, this is you WC ID number, and will be the identifier of you when it comes to giving you your badge, and colour text feature.

If you want to donate for another member instead, you can type in their number.

When you are sure you are ready, click the donate button. You will need a PayPal account to send money to WritersCo.

What colours are available?


Remember these colours only work inside your presentation.


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