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Authors Note:


This might be part of my bigger novel...
I really like the general idea of it ^^ so it'll be in my novel or in the sequal [yes, there MUST be a sequal]

There was a knock on my bedroom door. It woke me up, but i just kept my eyes closed and pulled the cover further over my head and tried to get back to sleep.
Bex walked in... and clambered into my bed. The little shite...
"ya gonna get up? you said you'd take me out today!"
Unable to make a sentance in my current state, i just moaned.
She carried on, "theres a new girl downstairs by the way, her name's K-"
"Am up!"
Before she had time to finish, i flung my bedroom door open, ruffled my hair, and jumped down the stairs. I landed next to Ms Johnson and she jumped. She started giving me the same old lecture about how i might break my leg one of these days, but i ignored her and carried on into the dining room.

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