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Music Inspiration


Many things inspire the creative juices of the writer to flow; one that would seem most evident by the opinions of writers would be music. Being an art in itself, and a method of portraying scenes of love, hate, horror, comedy and so forth, music has become an asset that some writers can't seem to write without. So we have decided to create a list of music and the possible mood it could creative for your writing.

Currently it is only possible to search by mood. Please understand that this project cannot work without your help. Keep the moods and entries in alphabetical order.

Entry Format:
Mood Name:
Song Title, Artist/Movie/Composer/Game/etc (Type, Instrumental/Vocal)

Example Format
Lord of the Dead, King's Quest 6 (Soundtrack, Instrumental)
Close Your Eyes, Petra Berger (Opera, Vocal)


Music Library

MI - Shelf AA
MI - Shelf BB
MI - Shelf CC
MI - Shelf DD
MI - Shelf EE
MI - Shelf FF
MI - Shelf GG
MI - Shelf HH
MI - Shelf II
MI - Shelf JJ
MI - Shelf KK
MI - Shelf LL
MI - Shelf MM
MI - Shelf NN
MI - Shelf OO
MI - Shelf PP
MI - Shelf QQ
MI - Shelf RR
MI - Shelf SS
MI - Shelf TT
MI - Shelf UU
MI - Shelf VV
MI - Shelf WW
MI - Shelf XX
MI - Shelf YY
MI - Shelf ZZ


Other Useful Links

Please feel free to add to these links, but don't forget to explain what can be found on them!

Music Prompt.
We are proud to present our monthly musical writing prompt. Are you ready to pit your wit against a musical piece? Then why not give our exercises a try?

Writersco. is not responsible for the contents of these links. Please support the artists you enjoy and buy their music.
A website with just about every music file from the old Sierra games that you can imagine. Midi, ogg, mp3 formats.
Various karaok (.kar)/midi files of popular music.
A website with various assorted DOS game soundtracks. Midi and ogg formats.


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2005-04-24 [Shanra]: Can people please stop putting in more information than asked in the format? Thank you!

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