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NWW Prologue

A part of the Novel Writing Workshop

The first thing to do when writing a novel is to establish some basic understandings. Thus it is with most things in life, as I'm sure you know. You usually don't just decide to conquer the world one morning, eat some toast, and pack your bags. Conquering the world is a complicated process and requires a lot of planning, not to mention a big army or a a lot of conniving allies. A novel is no different! In a way, you are setting out to conquer a world - your own, fabricated world, of which you are the omnipotent ruler. Fortunately you don't need a big army or anyone conniving, unless, of course, you are conniving.

Okay, cut to the chase, what are these "understandings" that must be established?

1. A subject. You can't write a novel without something that happens to someone somewhere. They do say that a sentence has to have at least a subject and a verb. Consider your novel a very grand sentence. For some, this is the hardest part of all. I'll do my best to help you with that. I admit, this is also my weakest point.
2. A game plan. Now some of you might immediately resist certain words that I could have used instead of saying "game plan." If I say, for instance, an outline, or a plot, or something else along those lines, you may be filled with preconceived notions and prejudices and immediately want to quit this workshop! But just trust me that everything will okay, and in our workshop, that overall sense of direction is necessary, so debate it amongst yourselves or skip the step.
3. Motivation. Can't write a novel without it.
4. Support? Find a friend or reward yourself!
5. Goals. Be honest with yourself. Are you just trying to become famous or do you have a more humble desire to, frankly, finish anything?
6. Grammar and punctuation.
7. Basic style/format.
8. Etc. I'll talk about this more when it comes to me.

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