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2008-06-02 [RiddleRose]: congrats! welcome to the world baby!

2008-07-03 [dmeredith]: I just put a new story up on Elfwood...

It's not very long so I hope you will all take a fw minutes to check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks!

2008-12-14 [Font]: Anyone doing anything special over the feastive season?

2008-12-14 [Caramel Eyes]: hey if anyone wants to check out my writing go to my wiki page acornspoetry and check it out. they are good!!

2008-12-14 [Font]: Acorn's poetry ;)

2008-12-15 [RiddleRose]: i discovered an aspect of writing that i thoroughly dislike. college essays make me want to go live in a hole in the woods for the rest of my life.

but break is in a week! and then i get delicious food, and no homework, and presents!

2008-12-16 [dmeredith]: Wanted to fly back to the States for a visit this Christmas. We haven't been home in two years after all, but the economy bites so we'll just be doing christmas here in Yamagata again. We might get snow at least though. I'm watching the weather forecasts hopefully.

2008-12-20 [RiddleRose]: my house hasn't had power for a week. we think we'll probably get it back before christmas... yay ice storms!

2009-02-10 [teh-emo-rin]: this place is scarey

2009-03-10 [RiddleRose]: there are teeth in some places. just teeth. and hungry, hungry hippos.

2011-03-08 [Annie]: :D We're not dead!

2011-03-10 [Calann]: CPR is being performed, I see. :P

2011-03-10 [Annie]: Heh heh...Quite.

2011-05-01 [sammie h!]: who is the member boss now, as i wish to apply for it

2011-05-01 [Annie]: I'm not sure what you mean by member boss. Could you explain that a little more?

2011-05-02 [sammie h!]: basically so i can help members, be part of the staff

2011-05-02 [sammie h!]: i could get alot of people joining as i know alot of writers

2011-05-02 [Annie]: I don't think we usually make every new member a part of the staff as soon as they join, but I don't really know how Hedda and the others feel about it. In other words, it would be great for you to invite your friends but you probably shouldn't make them all staff.
But as for inviting new should do that whether you're staff or not. ;)

2011-05-02 [sammie h!]: i ment, i want to become part of the staff, i want to help people on here

2011-05-03 [Annie]: I suggest you take this question to the Staff page.

2021-04-09 [Sabrina Catherine]: If anyone is still out here, hello!

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