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The Cobra Event


Recommended Reading

Author: Richard Preston
Genre: Fiction

This is the first Richard Preston novel I have read, however the Cobra event wasn’t the first virus books he’s written. I suppose that’s why it was so good. The best thing, you don’t need to have a background in genetics to understand this novel, just sometime.

Dr. Alice Austen of the CDC is in charge of finding out what’s happening in NYC as people have begun to drop dead, literally. As the body count increases she’s has to race against time to find out where the virus has come from and how to stop it. With an entire city to search time is running out from a full scale epidemic.

I would recommend this book to people who are not paranoid; it has scared some VIP including former president Clinton. It is a very good read, I would highly recommend it, and with the current state of the world it’s very times oriented.

Reviewed by: [Ash]

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