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Black Heart, Ivory Bones


Recommended Reading

Author: Various
Genre: Paranormal/ Fantasy Anthology

Black Heart, Ivory Bones is for those of us who have a short attention span. With this collection of short stories from authors all over you’ll be sure to be entertained. The book itself seems thick but there are many, many different stories for one to read.

There is a general theme to all the short stories which makes it such a great anthology. All the stories are based on fables already known to the world. This makes it easier to relate; when your reading the new version of Rapunzel or Snow White, you get a new look at them. Of course, all those old fables are worth a second looking at.

The book was edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (I figured I should put them in so you can find the book easier). I recommend it to everyone who loves the old fables; you’ll love these just as much.

Reviewed by: [Ash]

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