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Recommended Reading


Dark-Hunter Series

Books in correct reading order.
1. Fantasy Lover
2. Dragonswan
3. Night Pleasures
4. Night Embrace
5. Midnight Pleasures
6. Dance with the Devil
7. Kiss of the Night
8. Night Play
9. Stroke of Midnight
10. Seize the Night
11. Sins of the Night
12. Unleash the Night
13. Dark Side of the Moon
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon


  This is an ongoing series about immortal Dark-Hunters and the Daimons or Vampires that they battle in the night. Each novel dives indepth into the featured Hunter’s life and past and how they became one of the damned. The books also focus on and feature Were- and Dream-Hunters as main characters.

  The series is based around the leader of the Dark-Hunters, Acheron Parthenopaeus and his trials leading the Dark-Hunters. Unfortunately Ash’s story hasn’t been fully explained in its own novel yet, you have to read the series to pick up little bits and pieces. Along the way you will fall in love with memorable and realistic characters that you are able to relate too on many different levels.

  Each novel is filled with accurate references to Greek mythology as well as briefly touching on Roman, Celtic, Norse and Native American culture. Kenyon has also installed her view on what Atlantean mythology may have been like based on the island of Atlantis. Each character also brings a different era of human evolution to the forefront. In one, you could be immersed in Greek and Roman rivalry, in the next you’re drowning in ancient Druidism and its repercussions.

  Kenyon is able to weave readers into the Dark-Hunter world and introduce them to a whole new and original view on the keepers of the night and their fangy existence. Anne Rice’s renowned nocturnal menaces are nothing compared to these nighttime protectors and the things that go bump in the dark. While the romantic perspective of the books may deter some readers I wholly encourage anyone who doesn’t mind a few love scenes to pick up at least one installment and try it on for size. Even if the literature isn’t too your liking the covers are all excellent specimens of modern day men so feel free to judge them by that at least ;)

Kenyon also has a site designated to the Dark-Hunter series with links to all her other novels as well as the Were- and Dream-Hunters. This can all be found at

Happy reading.



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