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Book name :Darkfall (The first book in the Legendsong series)
Genre : Fantasy
Author : Isobelle Carmody
Review by : [pixie_shimmer]


The story starts in our world, with fraternal twin sisters, Ember and Glynn. They are extremely different in looks and personality - something which has helped each of them become who they are. Ember is a depressed and selfish individual who suffers from a brain tumour and Glynn has looked after them both since their parents died. They decide to take a holiday before Ember is too sick to enjoy such things and it is here that the story really begins. One night, Glynn (a usually strong sportswoman) decides to go for a late night swim in the ocean. She finds herself caught in a rip and struggles to stay above water. Ember notices Glynn flailing and dives in to attempt to save her, despite the fact that she has barely shown Glynn any concern for years.

We arrive in a new world now - Glynn is fished out of the ocean by a Windwalker and Ember is brought to the Soulweaver Alene - but she has no memory at all. She doesn't even remember that she is sick. Glynn is always on the search for her sister, yet has to remain careful about who knows that she is not from their world. Ember must remain disguised and protected due to her uncanny resemblence to a character in a famous Legend.

It appears that the twins have some important role to play in this new world - that they could be the characters written about in the Legendsong...and no one knows whether this is a good or bad omen.
(Part 3 of the Trilogy has yet to be written)


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