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Recommended Reading

Author: Mary Shelley
Genre: Science Fiction

Mary Shelley is probably one of the most popular names in horror even though her masterpiece itself is not of horror but of how mankind is trying to become god. Through poetic lines and a chilling plot she brings to life Victor Frankenstein and the creature. By writing Frankenstein, she has engineered an everlasting impression on both the philosophical and scientific world.

The novel starts out with our young character Victor Frankenstein creating the creature, startled and horrified by himself and the creature he flees. For several years he avoids the fact of his god-like act, brooding and unsure of what fate will await him. He returns home to find that there is unrest and terrible fortune. Is karma returning to haunt him for abandoning his creation?

The novel hits a new sense of depth into the human mind and soul as only a truly gothic and romantic author could. Shelley used her nightmares as fuel and masterminded the genre of science fiction. This book is recommended for everyone, however, don’t watch the movies for the same experience, it can’t be done. Only the writings of Shelley can truly display the poignant wreckage that come with being racked with guilt.

Reviewed by: [Ash]

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