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Book Name: The Gods Themselves
Genre: Science Fiction
Author: Isaac Asimov


By far this is my favorite book by the great Isaac Asimov. It is about a new type of energy sorce, call the Proton Pump, which has made life easier for everyone.
The pump sends one material to what they call the 'Para Universe' and, in return, we recive our energy sorce. However, this pump has come with a price.
Though the material we give to the 'Para Universe' is practicly usless to us, the trade off of materials is draining our universe and affecting our sun. If this continues, the sun could explode.
Through the book, Asimov explains how it is affecting both our world and the 'para world'. It is basicly told for three perspectives.
One scientist, who finds in his research what could happen to the sun. He also comes in contact with someone from the Para Universe, who tells him that whoever they are, wishes to stop the pump as well, but can't.
Then the 'Para Creature's side is told, and how the Para Universe is suffering just as much and that the one creature wishes to put an end to it.
Then, from the perspective of a moon dweller, who has no contact with the Proton Pump.
It is really an amazing book and it shows how many people are today. They care only about the pleasure they recive now, but never about what it will cost in the end.

All of Asimov's books are filled with surprise. If you want to surprise your reader, you should deffinetly read this, or any of Asimov's books.

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