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The Mediator


Recommended Reading

Books in this Series
Book One: Shadowland
Book Two: Ninth Key
Book Three: Reunion
Book Four: Darkest Hour
Book Five: Haunted
Book Six: Twilight

Genre: Paranormal
Author: Meg Cabot

Meg Cabot's been labeled as the author of only "the Princess Diaries" which is quite unfair, seeing as she writes more inspirational and mystical then anything else. With the Mediator series, you follow a teenage girl though life, love, a new family, and ghost hunting.

The story starts out at a California airport with Suze begin greeted by her mother, step-father and three step-brothers. She soon reveals that she's not that normal. It starts with a ghost in her new, way too girl-y, bedroom. He's young looking, has an angel face, and the morals of prince charming. Next it's a girl who died at her new school who's rather the opposite. Suze decides to take up her new boots and with a little assistance from the ghost in her room, sets off on a whirl of dangerous and hilarious adventures while trying to survive high school.

One may think that the series is just for tweens and younger teenagers, it's not. Even though she only hints to swear words, the books appeal to all readers young and old with butt kicking through advanced teen troubles, it'll keep your attention.

The book is written in first person through Suze's eyes, so it really helps develop her character when you know everything she's thinking. The writing isn't like that of a major novelist, but that of a teenager which makes it more believable and adds to the humor.

Overall, the series has me addicted. If your looking for something to absorb you for the next three weeks, go and read the entire series. There's not anything really hard to understand in it, except the Spanish. The series has been published in many different languages if you find it difficult to read in English.

More information on the series can be found at

Hope I found you a new favorite series, [Ash]

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