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Obsidian Butterfly


Recommended Reading

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Genre: Science Fiction

Laurell K. Hamilton writes in a very intriguing way. Not only does she put to use her knowledge of vampires, werewolves and magic but she does it with a flare. Her lead character for the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels is not only a powerful lead, but deep in thought and love.

Obsidian Butterfly is about Anita going to New Mexico to help out Edward, an old friend and pleasure killer. When entire neighborhoods are being slaughtered and kidnapped, it’s up to Anita to help him find out what’s out there that can be doing this. However, it seems the local vampire hierarchy isn’t to thrilled about her being there.

This is not the first Anita Blake novel, however, it’s not that hard to get if you accept some facts about the character herself and move on. This is adult oriented, as are most of Hamilton’s novels with sometimes excessive sex and gore references. This is a good book for either men or women with action and romance.

Reviewed by: [Ash]

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