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Sword of Truth


Recommended Reading

Books in this series:
Prequel: Debt of Bones
First Book: Wizard's First Rule
Second Book: Stone of Tears
Third Book: Blood of the Fold
Fourth Book: Temple of the Winds
Fifth Book: Soul of the Fire
Sixth Book: Faith of the Fallen
Seventh Book: The Pillars of Creation
Eighth Book: Naked Empire
Ninth Book: Chainfire
Tenth Book: Phantom
Eleventh Book: Confessor

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Author: Terry Goodkind

  The world has been split by two large barriers of netherworld. Anyone who travels through can be dragged by creatures into the depths of the underworld. One to protect and one to protect against magic. This ongoing tale of magic and of strength easily captivates a reader. The intricate plots combined with amazing detail and characters seduces you to read more.

  The story starts with a young man named Richard living in a magic free world. One day he meets a young lady, Khalan, who says she crossed the barrier to find a safe haven. This starts off a chain of events that no one could have seen. With the most powerful wizard in the world and a mystical sword, Richard and Khalan set off on a journey to stop the destruction and damnation of the world.

   Goodkind has set up a world on his own where the only common thing is that something exciting and dangerous is going to happen every time you turn the page. Although it is a wonderful series, you better have patience to read, it's very long and detailed but that's what sets it apart. This also isn't for the faint of heart. The books can get gory and has a few parts that the kids can't read.

   Overall, Goodkind has done an amazing job with adding new faces to keep a fresh look on thing, but still keep Richard and Khalan as the main focus. With each new face, a new culture is added, so be prepared to re-read chapters to understand what's being said. Even though there are so many cultures, there is one basic religion set up somewhat after Christianity with twists.

   If your looking for the series to take to a deserted island, this is it. With edgy fights, tender moments, and magic and logic conundrums, you'll stay entwined in it's pages for hours at a time. If you feel that you are too lazy to read 500-600 pages for one book at size ten font, don't distress. The television show will be coming out in 2008, but you still be missing some parts.

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