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2009-06-16 18:09:32
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The Birth of Venus


Recommended Reading

Author: Sarah Dunant
Genre: Romance

The novel takes place in Florence during the Renaissance. A young girl falls in love with the painter her father hired to pain their chapel. With an undying love for him she is forced to marry a friend of her brothers to keep safe from the coming armies. How can she survive with a husband she doesn’t love and a love she can’t have?

I’ll admit, at fourteen, this was my first romance novel ever. I loved it to death simply because it was in Italy, I love Italy. It is a good book however, I came to own it about four months ago and I won’t let it go for the world. I highly recommend this, though it’s a bit girly. I usually read Sci-Fi or Fantasy so this is a big shake up for me.

Reviewed by: [Ash]

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