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The Great Gatsby


Recommended Reading

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Genre: Fiction

I can honestly say at first, I had no interest in reading the Great Gatsby. Mainly because the cover sucked, now, I own the book (it was given to me as a gift). F. Scott Fitzgerald writes about love, wealth and the roarin’ twenties (1920s in America) in the novel the Great Gatsby.

The book stars Jay Gatsby a man who came into a great deal of wealth only to get the girl of his dreams. From the view point of his neighbor, Gatsby goes by wowing Daisy with huge amounts of everything and wild parties. However when Daisy’s husband gets involved, things start to go badly for Gatsby and he has to find a way to win Daisy’s heart.

Although it revolves around love, the Great Gatsby is not a love story entirely. It deals with friendships, rivalries and little rotten secrets. This classic American tale is one you’ll be sure not to put down.

Reviewed by: [Ash]

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