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Book Name: The Traveling Vampire Show
Genre: Horror
Author: Richard Laymon


The Traveling Vampire Show starts out as a typical story involving three teenaged friends over the summer break from school: Dwight, Rusty and Slim live in a small, boring American town and are mostly at a loss as to how to occupy their time---that is, until they go to the forbidden, off-limits field on the edge of town. 

There, they see advertisements for the Traveling Vampire Show, coming soon to their town. It promises blood; it promises excitement; it promises debauchery; it promises to be adults-only. Between trying to sneak their way into the show, keeping their parents from finding out and avoiding the wrath of local bullies, the trio manage to find their fair share of trouble---and that's only before the show starts.

Atypical for the Laymon novels I've read, The Traveling Vampire Show does not centre around a deranged slasher, a haunted house, or even a dysfunctional family stuck on a not-so-deserted island. Though fairly stereotypical youths (a bookish boy, the fat kid and a rebellious tomboy), the protagonists are compelling, and the obligatory sexual deviency takes much longer to creep up on you.

If you're looking for a entertaining and exciting read---especially one for summer---then this is a perfect choice.


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