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Membership Enquiry

New members can now sign up from the front page. Applications will normally be passed within 24 hours. 
When applying please make sure you fill in as much detail as possible. If an application looks relatively empty it might not be passed.

Writers should ideally tell us what they like to write about, what genre, and if they have any published work etc.

Readers should tell us what they enjoy reading the most, do they have a favourite genre and author.

Literary Workers Those involved in the literary field should aim to provide useful business information, for example; submission guidelines and contact details.

WritersCo is a free Community

If you are an Agent/Publisher/Literary Scout:

If you are an agent/publisher or literary scout and would like this acknowledgement placed on your profile, please email us (from a company email i.e. and we will add the details to your presentation. 

Information on WritersCo

Some information about the community can be found here at Writersco

Our Email address is:


Thank you for visiting, we look forward to having you as a member

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