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Written about Sunday 2006-04-09
Written: (5967 days ago)

Possible topics for BBC book group discussions (if we get enough interest)

-heroism, bravery
-landscape (in expressing emotion and other stuff)
-growing up / end of innocense
-rite of passage

Bombard me with new suggestions

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Written about Thursday 2005-12-01
Written: (6097 days ago)

What has been achieved in seven years?

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Written about Wednesday 2005-10-26
Written: (6132 days ago)

To work.
To succeed.

To laugh.
To feel young.

To cry.
To heal.

To sleep.
To know.

To search.
To get lost.

To write.
To find.

To draw.
To feel.

To speak.
To share.

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