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Name: Divina Mia Fuentes


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Some days, it feels like I've been writing forever. And I guess it's true. Ever since I was able to read, I wanted to write. I devoured the written word and had the deepest desire to create such feasts for others.
My junior year of high school I went into the library every morning, to the fiction section. I stopped in front of the shelf where Carlos Fuentes's books were, and I placed my finger right bewteen his last book on the shelf and the next author's first. I'd say to myself, very quietly and reverently, "One day, my book will be there."
I've certainly got a lot of material and inspiration. My family history is rich and abundant, filled with tragedy, struggle, supernatural occurances, and humor. It is my goal to write down everything my parents can tell me, everything my abuelas and my bisabuela can tell me.
I also want to write a story for my sisters. A fantastical story stuffed with life lessons I want them to learn from.


Here at WritersCo I typically submit free verse poetry. Half of it sucks, really. But I honestly come up with these things every day and write them down when I have a keyboard in front of me or a pen and paper handy. I call them "creative brain farts".

I also have a couple of short stories here.



This beautiful painting thing was made for me by my bestest bro in the whole wide internet, [Mister Saint]! I drew this picture a while back, and I guess he dug it up and decided to made it look a whole lot better!
This is Skye, my favorite RP char. He's a mortal who has the ability to see light in people and can manipulate his own into the forms of sheilds and beams. He was framed for murder at a young age and condemed to death. Miraculously, he survived. Later he went on many adventures and eventually met Mi'ehna Sheridan, who he later married. Despite Skye's uh... naivity with the ways of womanly emotions and such (he often came across as insensitive to his love when he was really just being an idiot) and their strange ability to attract all kinds of trouble, they lead a very happy life full of love and adventure.

Age: 23Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 27

Gender: female

Working/study place: San Jose State University

Place of living: San Jose, California


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