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Okay, first of all....

Merry Meet!

I would like to thank you for coming to my house! (And taking the time to actually read it!) My actual name is Laura Ann Castillo, and I am a senior in High School, and I'm eighteen years old. I have been writing ever since I was younger...not to say that any of it was good, I'm just saying that I did write. Anyways, I had begun writing poetry a while back...about some very frustrating and sad things. For some reason...the need to write, or the force that had once driven me to write, is now gone. Why, I do not know. Wait, I think I do's because I am no longer in the dreadful situation that I had once been in. I guess it is a good thing as much as it is bad. 

As for reading, I love to do it. Reading has been a passion of mine for about 9 years. I read mainly fiction...and sometimes a bit about history. I read some poetry. I've taken a liking to Walt Whitman and Edgar Allan Poe. 

Well, I have come back to finish up with my house..I don't think I will finish..But I will add. Anyways..I like talking to people. So if you happen to read this..would you please send me a message. I am a really good person to talk to. I'm really fun..and really weird..and I like just about everything..(including eating kitty litter!!)

Anyways..I like movies and listening to is fun. I will honestly say that I don't know a whole lot about different bands and artists, or even different genres of music..but what I do know, I really like. And if you introduce me to any new music..there is a great chance that I will really like it. If I don't..well..then I will tell you, but I will NOT tell you to not listen to it. You can do whatever you want to do, and wont stop you. You can believe whatever you want, and I will not try to persuade you to believe something else. I love you...and I haven't even met you yet!!

I have to go for now. I'll finish up later.

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