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Right...I took the chapter away...because I have A.D.D. and I'm jumping from story to story. So, I'll just stick with poems and such from now on.

Depths of Despair
That sleepless night
Of which I dreamt
Came both blood
And deception

The lies I told
The hearts I sold
Became my souls

I barely remember
When my hands were clean
And my mind was clear
Of confusion

But the life I lead
And the souls I heed
Are clearly just

Take My Hand, Little Brother
I'm tired and I'm worn
But I keep going on
For the love of one soul
I wake at dawn

I slumber at the setting sun
I wake every morning on
I go strong for that one love
I go on for that one heart

He is my everything
His heart and my heart
Beating as one
Keeping me going
Going strong

For his birth was glorious
A savior to my name
He held my hand
I was never the same

I knew I was in love
With this one soul
He is my life
He is my everything

He is my brother.
My only brother.
He is my light.
He is my dark.

I love him.

::Dedicated to my little Brother::

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