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Name: Nicole Randall


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Hi there,
I'm Nicole and I am a happily married mother of two. I am currently trying to write a series of novels that have been spinning around in my head for almost a decade. I also express myself through other forms or writing but getting my novels published is my main aim in life. My genre of choice is fantasy, and dispite the fact that I am seriously dislexic I am confident that with a little time and effort I can improve my style and bring it up to a publishable standard.

This is part of my book, I would appreciate feed back on it. Mainly I want to know if you read this as a first page would you buy the book?

nicole's book

Ok I entered a poetry comp and both my entries have made it through to the semi-finals. They are being published in a book from and I thought I might share them with you. The second one Emotional Abuse also won the Edtiors Choice Award.

Use me and abuse me
I will thank you for it
For I am so pathetic and sad
That I will reach for you
With broken and bloody fingers
Clawing at this depraved contact
Because I need it so badly
To convince myself that I exist.

Nicole M Randall
Copyright ©2007 Nicole M Randall

Emotional Abuse
Tears run deep In emotional scars
A prisoner kept Behind invisable bars

The man who abused me Welcomed with a smile
When I finally left him I was looked at with bile

The man who adored me With frowns was met
On viewing my bruises All martial artists get

My husband does not beat me I told them with a glare
He is sweet and wonderful And treats me with care

For leaving my abusive ex I was scorned
He said horrible things I said but they yawned

To divolge the extent Of my pain I was forced
Before my current partner By my friends was endorsed

Emotional abuse is Most times neglected
Yet they think a bruise Means abuse is detected

Why the good man I Was forced to defend
Yet I was expected to stay with the bad till the end

Nicole M Randall
Copyright ©2007 Nicole M Randall

If any of you are interested in voting on my poems here are the two links.
Emeotinal Abuse


Well I am pretty excited about the fact that both of the above poems are now published works. YAY!! XD
I have already recieved two coppies of the book with Angst in it (I have a son and daughter and would like to hand the books down to them after my hubby and I are gone)and now I am waiting for the two coppies of the second book featuering Emotional Abuse to arrive.
nicole's poems
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