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I can't get enough of you

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Name: Amber Willis


Nick and I, Easter Sunday at my house. Why did you have to leave? =[ I miss you SO much. Where there is love, there is pain and I can't help but love bring on the pain.

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Writing is my everything. I do not know what I would do with out my writing. I mainly

Her Suicide

Misery poured from her wrist,
Tears poured from her eyes,
Deceit was in her mind,
her heart was filled with lies,
He held her soul in his hands,
and ripped out her pride.
She loved him with all she had,
he'd soon be her suicide

Love was all she gave him
but still all he gave back was pain.
She stayed with him through it all,
trying to stay sane.
She never expressed her emotions,
she kept it all inside.
Now it all was showing,
He'd soon be her suicide.

She never gave up on him,
she kept moving on.
Still she sat and cried,
while he was gone.
She put back on her mask,
Once again, she had to hide,
never knowing the one she loved,
would soon be her suicide.

He whispered that he loved her,
Held her in his embrace.
Twisted her long golden hair,
and gently touched her face.
She could never pull away,
No matter how hard she tried.
The man she loved
would soon be her suicide.

She cried while he laughed,
she screamed as he stood still.
She cringed in the pain,
the agony of his will.
She knew this was it,
she silenced as her body died.
He was her life, her love,
and now her suicide.
Don’t Fall in Love With…

Don't fall in love with someone you can't afford to lose
You'll only end up hurting, you'll only end up bruised
But as our friendship grew over all this time
So did my love for you, I want you to be mine

But you don't want to risk what we already share
Whereas I just want to show you how much I really care
You helped me through the times when I was feeling down
Even when you grew tired of seeing that stupid frown

I don’t know how to say it, you know this poem is for you
But there’s no way I can show it, it's something I can't do
So I wrote this in the hope that you will find and read it
Because all along you've been the only one I've needed

You still remain my best friend no matter what I do
And I would gladly do anything at all for you
But now I've made an error and now I have to choose
Don't fall in love with someone you can't afford to lose

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Age: 16Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 7

Gender: female

Working/study place: Home

Place of living: Troy, Missouri


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