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Spike (rp story its finally been updated)

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Um, hi my name is bill, I am 15 and I go to Rose Hill High School. I want people to edit my story my story book. But if you don’t want know why because it is shit. I don’t even think that it is that good and I am the person that wrote it. I don’t really know what to write but if you have any questions just ask.
this are the wiki pages i have rp home, and my story
My email works for both msn, and yahoo instant messagers

hi, whats up feel free to talk to me i want to talk to people and learn how to be a better writer, here is part of the story i am working on i don't have a name for it yet or an out line i am working on getting the characters figured out and i could use more ideas for people, i am also working on the scenery for it also, it is a very very roughly like Harry Potter, but different characters and places........well almost different places........its in the usa not great Britten like Harry Potter. well this is what i have so far
I moved my story here my story, i need some help on thing of incantations to use, the only thing i can think of is hand movements
some of the authors i like are
J.K. Rowling
J.R.R. Tolkien
Ann McCaffrey
Arthur C. Clarke
Lemonny Snicket
this is the story i am working on right now, and FYI it is erotic

I glanced over at his bare body like I have done so many times already that day. His body glistened gently from the hot water running down the slender body of his. It isn’t and probably wont be the last time I glanced over at his body, it just always teases me and I keep wanting to just walk over and pin him ageist the wall and kiss him gently on the lips, and just wishing he would return the kiss. Even if it was ever so lightly, just enough to let me know if he minds me doing this. I sighed softly in the shower, just quiet enough for him not to hear over the showers, but I have finally thought about it to much and I decided to just finally kiss him and find out.
It all started a few weeks back when I decided to join the cross country team, I figured it would be easier to do then soccer since it required less skill, and it helps get you in shape faster. Their was this guy at worked that I liked and have always hoped to get into bed with him, but their was just something about this guy that just attracted him to me just so much more. He isn’t even in any of my classes, I wished he was though. He is quiet that I know of, but I don’t know what it is about him, but he is different then all of the other guys on the team. I don’t know if it is his nicely shaped body, or his cute ass, or what it is about him that makes me want to be with him so much. I know most of the other guys on the team but none really stand out as much as him.
Back in the showers, I glanced back over at him, and blushed slightly noticing him turn his head back from looking over at my body. I walked over to him, noticing him tense up a little as he hears my footsteps moving closer to him. Moving closer to him and turning him around and kissing him softly on the lips and held it just long enough to feel him kiss back a little. I blush a little bit more before moving and pinning him gently back into the corner of the showers and kissed him again deeper this time, turning on the showers next to us, to hide any noise. Breaking the kiss softly I look down at the ground before moving in slower this time feeling his body move closer to mine as I gently kiss him again. Deeping the kiss slowly as I keel him also deepen the kiss, Moving my hands slowly up and over his sides, after letting my hands slide down slowly over his chest. I shudder a little feeling his hands move gently over my chest and slowly around my sides and he keeps moving slowly lower before grasping my ass gently.
I break the kiss gently, after reaching down and around his own side, and grasping his ass a little harder then he grabbed mine. Pressing my chest aginst his, I move my head slowly into the crease in his neck and nibbles gently on his neck moving gently up and down over his neck. Feeling him shudder against me, I reach my hand slowly down over his chest and lower past his hips, I grab his half erect cock. Nibbling a little bit harder on his neck, I slowly start pumping his cock, feeling it slowly harder more and more in my hands.
Looking up at him while moving slowly down over his slender body, making sure it is ok with him. Reaching up I turn on a the showers a little bit more making sure no one will hear us, before pushing him into the dry space in the corner in the showers a little bit harder. Licking the top of his hard, I grasp his cock again, and smirks a little hearing him gasp softly as I lick his head again a little bit harder this time.
Moving my hand slowly over his round ass, I move my hand a little, before rubbing my finger gently against his butt hole. Hearing him gasp and moan more, I rub my finger harder against him. Moving my other hand, I suck lightly against his head, while pumping his shaft slowly with my free hand, feeling his pound gently against my hand. Feeling him get closer, his hand reaches down and pulls me gently up, as I nip lightly on his body as he pulls me up. Watching him push me gently into the corner and watching his body move gently down my body. Gasping softly as I feel him nip gently down my body and down to my waist before moving slowly lower and licking my hard shaft gently and slowly.
Looking down at him, I reach down and rub my shaft gently and slowly. While he licks my head gently, twirling his tongue gently around my head, before replacing my hand with his own. I lean back against the shower closing my eyes and enjoying the feel of his hand on my shaft moving slowly faster. His tongue moves slowly harder while flicking over my sensitive head. Shivering slightly from pleasure, I start to buck my hips gently against his mouth, while feeling him slowly take my cock gently into his mouth. Shuddering more, as I get closer, he stops and moves gently back up my body kissing it gently as he moves up my body.

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