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Name: Harry


Yay for photoshop.

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'Ello. Thank you in advance for stumbling upon my 'house' and paying me a visit.

I first would like to say that I have no idea to what extent I shall be using this site.

I am here, obviously, to share my writings and to enjoy yours as well. I am not a very active writer, but I have managed to scrap together quite a few pieces. It's unclear how.

I hope that my participation with this site will enable me to become better at what I do, and help so that I can make work that other's enjoy. And understand.

I s'pose that I shall now go over a few things, such as favourite authors, what I like to write, etc.



Favourite things being authors at this moment.

In No Particular Order:

Ayn Rand
Anne McCaffrey
Richard Russo
Dan Brown
Tamora Pierce
Anne Rice
David Eddings
Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman (also separate works by both)
Mercedes Lackey
Robert Jordan
R.A. Salvatore (Salvatore is my favourite fantasy author by far)
J.R.R. Tolkein
J.D. Salinger
Robin McKinley
Agatha Christie
Philip Pullman
Stephen King
Stephen R. Donaldson
Kurt Vonnegut (Love this guy)
William Shakespeare
Eoin Colfer
Harper Lee
Orson Scott Card
Edgar Lee Master
Edgar Allen Poe
Chuck Palahniuk
J.K. Rowling

More to come.


What I like to write:

With poetry I rarely write fantasy. Often times things I see become the subject of my poetry. Or how I feel at the particular moment of inspiration. It varies, really. I also write very little poetry in comparison to essays and short stories.

My short stories vary greatly from random fantasy covers to modern-day dilemma. I am very fond of writing things that aren't necessarily happening to me, but are real. Most of my class-assigned papers deal with my interests politically and emotionally.

I've yet to feel the need to write a novel. For one, I fear I'd be no good at it. Secondly, I fear publication. If I ever grow a wild hair and decide to start one, you will be the first to know. 


Below are links to my Myspace/Xanga. Below that you will find a bit of a description I wrote recently that is also featured on my myspace and elftown page. 

You can currently find me as Iredescence on Elftown.

And at the bottom you will find a link to my blog-page on Myspace. If you want to cut the crap, so to speak.

I'm sure this will change a bit, every now and then. It depends on how active I become here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And just so I know, message me if you do. I'd rather enjoy a word from a patient soul.






Hello. Helloo. Hellooo.

Add one more 'o' to the third one and follow it up with 'Megaman', and you have my AIM screename.

If you are illiterate, ignorant, or have a lackluster vocabulary, a dictionary might just come in handy.

This would be due to my appreciation for words that contain more than four or five letters. If you stick a number of said words together in a complete sentence, I'll 'love you long time.'

Most people would place me into the category of 'emo', or the like. I wish to inform everyone that I am not emo, but rather, Indiemo. Indiemo is a word born about a week ago, which is the violent clash of Indie and Emo contained, and restricted to my 5'5 frame. There is no-one else who can claim this trait, as it is mine and describes only me.

I should point out that I am, in fact, a Libra. As such, I am rather indecisive and like to change things a lot. Hence a change in this "about me" section.

I am a thinker, a reader, and a believer.

I am also a bit of an art junkie. I very much appreciate things that are visually stimulating.

This appreciation also bodes well for people. With that said, do not think me shallow. Beauty encompasses much more than a physical shell.

You should know that I am a dork at heart. I have made attempts to obliterate this fact, and I have sometimes been rather successful at hiding it; but I will forever cherish my beloved video games and cartoons. Always and forever. Ahem.

I am a homosexual. You'll find this to be a very minor part of my personality, and life as a whole. I am capable of explaining in more detail, but I shall refrain.

Billie, (who has also helped me regain a rather large amount of integrity), quite literally forced my eyes open to that discovery. The discovery being that homosexuality is not my one-word fate.

I will someday make a badge for Billie that simply reads, "Harry's Hero".

I hate people who think artists are stupid, or that they can only create; that they do not comprehend complex ideas and subjects. Artists are some of the smartest and most open-minded people I have ever met in my life.

I am eclectic.

I'm very sarcastic at times. Don't take anything too seriously.

Ones perfection lies within imperfections.

I accept any opportunity for alliteration.

I use hyperbole constantly, and on top of that I have histrionic qualities.

I'm upset with humanity. Apparently the genetics to create an intelligent, motivated, caring, interesting, and attractive guy do not exist. I don't need a genius, I don't need a model, I don't need the next Donald Trump, I just need a well-rounded guy with a future other than drunken nights and random hookups.

Except for Billie, of course. But not everyone can be perfect like him.

You can never be too thin. I want to be an anorexically-skinny with my ribs popping out.

I think hipbones are the most attractive part of the human body.

I'm a Jedi-Master.

Not a knight, bitch.

I believe being well-rounded is incredibly important in life.

I also believe that I'm perfectly square.

A person's eyes are a window into their soul.

I am apathetic to drama.

I see right through your bullshit...I just don't always tell you.

I am not standoffish as people assume; you can easily approach me and I'd gladly chatter your ear off.

I go into my own world a lot. I get angry when I'm brought out of it.

I am articulate, and appreciate others who take the time to be the same.

I am aroused by books. I'm also aroused when people scratch my back. I transform into a kitten, momentarily.

I have a very sensitive neck and ears. Kiss them and I belong to you.

I have problems with authority if you go about it the wrong way.

I am an open book. Ask me anything, I'll give you the answer.

I am addicted to colour.

I wish I could play the violin and the piano better. Or just play them well.

If I'm wearing a hat it means I'm having a bad hair day or woke up way too late.

I shower when I'm hot. I bathe when I'm cold. I shower after sex. I bathe when I'm bored.

People do not read enough.

Insomnia sucks. End of story.


Thanks to Writersco graphics, and [Shanra] for the graphics and such. They're just dandy.

Age: 17Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 12

Gender: male

Working/study place: Wherever.

Place of living: Monticello


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