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Name: Jason Murdie


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Dear my dearest of dearest of friends,
My emotions clear to thoughts un-spoilt,
For on this dawn of days to be remembered,
I have but gods to lament ones love,
For to love my farther all,cries Venus Vain!,
He hath to face the arrow splintered,
Under this fair due: I siege thy shaft to France’s heart

The gorgon queens: The gulf once amiss,
Wailing provocation, half out-drawn pedigree,
Silver tongues lay bare: Slightly slither,
To a totem of power, once a king.

His blood pressed upon wine-glass lips.

I shall return to lands forbidden,
When seen fit: To a man of wisdom,
Kent. To seek guidance on outcomes of sins untold.

I must bid farewell, I sail as queen of France.


Hanging on your love

A convulsing putrid piece
Of vulture-gorged love
Half heart eaten.
The left half weeping
In the baking carcass
The remnants of eyes
Lay floating with the soul,
In icy caverns of bile

Laying there on the cracked,
The left half now scavenged and torn
By the circling laughter
Eyes blacken as the bile soaked soul,
Digesting away
Loses its grip and falls

Left there hanging from what was once your love
Tightly suffocating
I swing from what was once our love
I swing lifeless and limp, cold and heavy
With this rope around my neck
Bleeding out my last breath

I die for you.

Love asylum

Oh hello my dear
Did you bring the car?
This is along way from home
You’ve travelled very far
You see I’m positively negative
And you’re my light piece of dark
Oh darling don’t look at me like that
Come on, I can’t hurt you.

I play chess with a killer
Best to let him win
Don’t be scared, come closer hunni
That’s why they let you in
You’re in my four walls now
My own imagination
Where my love for you in never ending?
And this rocking chair, slow motion

I know you’ll never love me back
And that’s why I tried to kill you
Water under the bridge my sweetie
Its ok, I forgive you. . .

I’ll be released soon
They say I’m getting better
So I’ll be able to visit you
And we can live happily ever after. . .


I'aM nO lOnGeR cArInG, sWeEt Or SiNcErE
FoR mIsUnDeRsTaNdInG bRiNgS bLoOd-DrEnTcHeD
ThE jOy YoU bRiNg
Is NoThInG cOmPaReD tO ThE pAiN oF lOsInG
YoU aGiAn
I'aM jUsT a LoSt ChIlD
In ThIs GaMe Of LiFe
AnD i NeEd My FrIeNdS
ToO sUrViVe. . .

EmOtIoNs RiPpEd OuT aNd SpIlT
AnD I'aM LeFt WiTh A fEeLiNg Of GuIlT
As ThOu It'S aLl My FaUlT. . .

Baby Boy, Who? , Me?

As I look into his eyes, his playful nature
I see pure innocence captured in motion
A clean sheet
So fragile, so breakable, so weak
Are his eyes a gate way to his soul?
Or just showing a mirror image of me?

The tortures and mind-games this world
will set upon him
the pain, the hurt, the suffering
I want to be his idol
a role-model?
I don’t want him to aspire as me
for I am but a weak, stone hearted bastard
Huh, clever use of poetic imagery

His strength of character perseveres
while I just hide alone, with my fears
me his role-model? Try reverse
I could learn a lot from him
3 year olds courage, take fear head on
I’ve made mistakes
I’ll do better from now on. . .

My First Sonnet

The stars above envy your pearlescent eyes.
They set my soul ablaze.
Your strands of black depth,
Like smoke, they sway in the mid-summers breeze,
A dazzling beauty, your true nature,
You are pure, alight the fuse to my over-whelmed emotions,
Set me free,
Cure my anguish
My dear
My love
My feelings for you
Shall never fade to the sands of time
I wish,
Capture me,
Embrace me,
With one kiss, true loves kiss,
Then I will be by your side,
As I have dreamt,
As I hand you this single rose to take your breath away,
Say you’ll be mine,
Forever and always,

Loss of first love

The heart rusts
and the love
dust falls to the ground
swept up by cupid’s gardener.
Another miss-guided arrow
another failure.
Another. . .

The heart turns to
stone, no-mans land
the pain of the dead
collapse onto the foundation of love
love, loss, pain, regret
loss of first
hard to forget

The Psychologist’s

We lie back in the dream chair once again,
A stranger with glasses, note-pad and pen,
our emotions and fears, revealed to him so clear,
A stranger with glasses, not-pad and pen,
He studies our ways, our mind, our Morales,
A stranger with glasses, not-pad and pen,
what gives him the right to explore our horrors?,
A stranger with glasses, not-pad and pen,
The verdict is we are crazy, "Were shall we begin?",
A stranger, second lesson, he walks in

But we have another Idea,
We think you might like it,
Give us the note-pad,
Give us the pen,
You keep the glasses,
you'll be needing them,
Tie you to your chair,
You look so scared,
Go on Mr. Perfect,
We'll give you our Verdict,
Tell us your feelings, tell us your fears,
we are all ears,
He's afraid,
What should we do with him?

We want him to stay,
But we think we should free him,
two minds think as,
in one,
I think we should kill him. . .

A Sinners Last Prayer (This poem did go with a story i deleted which made sence of it, it's not ment to affend any religon)

Our father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
That kingdom come was your creation
And heavens not the same
Deliver us to evil
In a neatly wrapped box
We become beasts of the devils work
The way this world forces up to live

Give us this day our holy bread
as we deliver bullets into our trespassers head
this is the world you so called “Created”
Abandoned faith and desecrated
Wake up from this eternal slumber
Clean our sins ready for a life after

Anything is better than this. .
And the lord will always forgive
so I hold my self accounted for my sins
and the ones I in time will commit

But when my life is over and I fall in to the light
I wish for your greeting at the pearly gates.
Tightly suffocating
I swing from what was once our love
I swing lifeless and limp, cold and heavy
With this rope around my neck
Bleeding out my last breath

I die for you.

© 2005-2006 Jason Murdie

Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 3Day of birth: 28

Gender: male

Working/study place: College

Place of living: Wales



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